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The last few years of managing a hospital has painfully showed me that there is a progressive decline in empathy and conscientiousness among healthcare providers in general and doctors in particular. Medicine is a service career and what the world needs now are compassionate, conscientious and empathic doctors who will be role models for all other health care providers. This blog will attempt to discuss and analyze the reasons for this decline and hopefully provide the solutions and measures to stem the tide of "self above others".  In addition to this, Ethics in Medicine has also been put to question by many outside of the profession.  Stories about bad hospital experiences, irrational drug prescribing, unnecessary procedures done, medical errors, poor attitudes and many many more against the health profession have been told.  I hope that this blog will help remind health professionals and those wanting to be in the health profession to always adhere to the Hippocratic principle of "Above All, Do No Harm".

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